About Us

What is Pstudioh?

Pstudioh is a collaborative tool for workers, providing transparency, security and confidence to clients through close monitoring of work progress.

Pstudioh provides client with a pool of skilled professionals to choose from based on the areas their project touches and in the most cost effective and timely way.


The story of Pstudioh dates back to 2017, I used to get a few geeks here and there, the biggest issue was putting so much work hours on a project without the clients visibility of work progress. At times, I would be done with the project and the client promises to settle the payment but leaves me hanging dry and hard! Pstudioh offers a platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to first formulate their ideas before releasing them to the professionals, reducing the back and forth that would normally occur if the idea is not well formulated.

The solution

Project Studio(PStudioh) provides a safe, trustworthy environment for any individual, groups or companies looking to work and provide work. The platform provides a virtual office where people can collaborate in teams, or as guests on projects, providing modular approach to projects and tasks that clients can easily follow with easy communication.

Pstudioh is a place where great Achievers meet!